History & Mission

Our Journey

Day One

Texas Conservatives began as Frisco Conservatives in 2020 as a response to running conservative candidates for office in Frisco, Texas .

January 2020

For many years, conservatives did not have a voice on our school board and city council. We lost our only conservative school board trustee in 2019, and Frisco Conservatives formed to meet that challenge head on.

March 2020

Our first major obstacle was filling the precinct chairs left vacant by the GOP in our city. We mobilized by inviting friends and neighbors to a Christmas party in December 2019 and had them sign in at the door by filling out a precinct chair application. By the end of the evening, we had over 20 applications in hand. We were able to get these candidates on the March 2020 ballot, and by May we had filled 90% of the Frisco precinct chairs in Collin County and 95% of the Frisco precinct chairs in Denton County.

July 2020

With this win under our belt, our next step was electing Lt. Col. Allen West as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas . Our newly elected precinct chairs all filed to become delegates to the state RPT Convention in July 2020. As a part of the “convention that never started” due to COVID, our precinct chairs faithfully Zoomed into the convention from home and stayed up well past 3 a.m. ensuring their vote was cast for Col. West. When we all woke up the next morning, Lt. Col. Allen West had been elected the new Chairman of the RPT.

August 2020

Two weeks later, we hosted Chairman West’s official “We Are the Storm” Victory Rally in Frisco with over 300 in attendance where he laid out his plan for a MAGA victory in Texas in November 2020. Col. West told the audience that we were the thin red line for Denton & Collin County, and that if President Trump didn’t win those two counties, he would not carry that state.

December 2020

Frisco Conservatives took Col. West seriously and mobilized hundreds of block walkers and poll greeters in Frisco. We created a Republican voter guide for all 52 of our candidates, knocked over 30,000 doors, and distributed a total of 80,000 voter guides. We raised over $100,000 for the election, and 94% of our candidates won their races. We also got our first city council candidate elected in a runoff election against 6 opponents.

January 2021

After our huge win in 2020, our efforts continued in 2021 where we turned our attention to lobbying our legislators in Austin, Texas , for election integrity, religious freedom, the banning of child gender modification, abolition of abortion, constitutional carry, monument protection, school choice for all, limiting the governor’s emergency powers, and the banning of taxpayer-funded lobbying. We, along with other Texas conservatives, were successful in passing constitutional carry, the heartbeat bill, protecting churches from closure during a pandemic, and limiting the teaching of critical race theory in public schools.

December 2021

We have also spent a great deal of time educating voters on national, state, and local issues. We have held my meetings, workshops, town halls, candidate forums, and events to ensure that voters are educated before they vote. Our list of speakers has included Dinesh D’Souza, Sidney Powell, David J. Harris, Jr., Lt. Col. Allen West, Congressman Louie Gohmert, Trevor Loudon, Keith Self, and Senator Bob Hall. Our crown jewel event was hosting a winter gala with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as our keynote speaker and Conservative of the Year Award recipient.

January 2022

In 2022, Frisco Conservatives changed its name to Texas Conservatives to better incorporate the demographics of our membership who come from across all North Texas . We also expanded our mission & vision, which are to see a pro-conservative Texas that follows the U.S. Constitution as envisioned by the founding fathers as we educate and advocate for conservative values in the Texas Legislature. We hope that you will join us in our mission and become a member of our prestigious and powerful organization. For more information about Membership, Click Here.